Enrichment premedical course for all ages.

Enrichment premedical course for all ages is specially designed for Kids (little professor course) and Young adult (medical series) brought to you by Dr Michael Fong. For course details please whatsapp directly to 92776201

What learners can get out of the course.

Learners can acquire a deeper understanding of Biology & Chemistry Practical applications on course materials Tips to score higher/better grades along the way.

Achieve mastery and learn how to handle harder questions.

Get better understanding and grades along the way Learn lifelong study skills and how Scholars achieve their scholarships Tips to use Biology/Chemistry skills in real life Lab Experiment Tips.

We offer two different course

Little Professor course specially tailored for Kids from age 12 to 18. This course is taught in a fun way and helps Kids to explore and discovered interesting things through simple and safe hands on experiment, It is aimed to help the kids to get interested in learning so that it can stimulate their passion to learn more about the subject which will give them a upper hand in their future education path.

Young adult medical series is an enrichment course targeted to help students to patch up and raise they competency in areas that they may have left out or they may not have sufficient understandings. Students attending this course will attain a deeper understanding on top of their existing knowledge. It is aim to help the students to score better in their academic result through patching and improving their short coimings. Students attaining this course will gain a significant advantage over their counterparts in terms of academic result. Dr Fong, with many years of teaching experience, helped countless students picked up, learned and passed their exams with flying colours.