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Dr Fong is  a tutor with a passion for biology and chemistry  and a heart for students. He has often tutored students at the O and A level and helped them turn their grades from E8 or fail grades to an A.

He graduated with a m.b.b.s from NUS and teaching has been part of his life since his undergraduate days when he taught students and gradually became part of his life.

“Guess I always found it a joy when students under me perform and get good grades and get ahead in life “ says Dr Michael Fong.” However, I do expect my students to always come for class and be committed and hardworking.”

“If not, I will instill these values into them so parents can be assured of value addition not only in terms of academia but also of   values” He laughs. ”I also trained some students until they get an A and a scholarship!” and says that with a grin.

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What is the secret to scoring good grades?

‘Consistency, determination and attending my classes!’ He says.” Sometimes some kids are smarter than others but so what? Not all smart kids get good grades, due to a variety of reasons, and not all A scorers are smart.” He pauses,’There are techniques to handle O and A level questions that I will impart.In addition scientific training takes about 6 months to a year (about 42 class hours at least) to establish before the student is trained and well equipped to handle scenarios”

In addition,I impart special techniques from brain training courses and gurus and I work closely with my psychologist friend Ms Eileen Ng from Intelligentkidz.com, who has many years of experience in brain training and research and has helped kids with speed reading ,advanced learning techniques.She is also NIE trained and brings with her the educational experience needed to get kids up to speed. So parents can be assured of additional value in our teaching.We also do help tutors whose students find reading difficult or slow or unable to absorb lesson content in various subjects. After all, it is not about the competition between tutors and me but helping students that is the main objective for us.

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Ms Eileen ng_Bachelor (Psychology)

‘I guess I consider myself to be a ‘supertutor’ of sorts as I really help students  in need of help and turn the situation around ’he jokes ‘but “I expect the student to fully attend the classes be committed and not skip as I am really trying to deliver help. Those that stick with me all the way often come back to thank me and it is the grateful look in their eyes that make me do what I do and is the most rewarding. Some students may complain no time or have other tuition, but in essence they should make time and come for my classes as discipline, commitment and coming for my classes are keystones to achieving success in biology and chemistry.”

Dr Fong also provides interview skills for scholarships and help make career recommendations on the course and path in life for aspiring O and A level students at the end of the year. He has value added mentorship programmes where he only takes in 40 students maximum and the students can get testimonials to add to their credentials. He currently teaches at bukit timah shopping centre and can be contactable via whatsapp@92776201.

Ms Eileen Ng is a psychologist who specializes in advanced learning techniques and brain training. She is NIE trained and helps students who has difficulty with coping with various subjects in general by imparting them study skills and brain training techniques. She also teaches GP. She is contactable via sms @90789174.


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